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A Prescription for Kindness

April 20, 2006

Albany -- Doctor A.M. Freeman helped shape the practice of sports medicine in South Georgia.

Doctor Freeman set up shop here in Albany in 1958, and friends and well wishers celebrating his retirement at Southwest Georgia Orthopedics and Sports Medicine today after almost fifty years of work.

His success in the field of sports medicine earned Doc Freeman a spot in the Albany Sports Hall of Fame in 1994.

He started as team physician for Albany high school in the sixties, before eventually holding that position for all the local schools.

Ferrell Henry is a former head football coach for the Indians, as well as the former County Athletic Director, and says Freeman has been a dynamic influence in the Good Life City.

"With my experience in the Dougherty County School System, if a kid didn't have money to buy insurance, Doctor Freeman would treat them anyway. He wouldn't even charge them.  I'm sure he's saved the Dougherty County School system millions of dollars through all those years."

Albany Orthopedics and Sports Medicine physician Bennett Cotton says, "(Freeman) was one of the first orthopedic surgeons in this area, and has continued to provide orthopedic care to thousands of people during the course of his tenure, particularly to the athletes of Dougherty County."

Doctor Freeman says his retirement plans are to continue his Medical Mission work in Guatemala, and maybe get in some deep sea fishing.

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