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Tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree

April 20, 2006

Albany - Southwest Georgia communities are turning into seas of yellow as hundreds of people hang yellow ribbons to show their support for the 48th Brigade.

Albany's Chamber of Commerce wants everyone to hang yellow ribbons outside their homes and businesses so when the troops make their way back home, they'll see how much they've been missed and appreciated.

Dougherty High students tied yellow ribbons around trees in the front of the school to show their appreciation for the returning 48th Brigade. Students KeyAndrea Jordan and Lashayla Green are welcoming home their fathers.

"It's just hard," said Keyandrea Jordan. "I feel much better that he's home."

They say the small signs of support mean so much to military families.

Lashayla Green said, "Just knowing that they are pushing me on and letting me know he will be home soon and everything is going to be all right."

In downtown Albany, business owners are hanging more yellow ribbons on store fronts.

"I think it's really important to let them know that we're thinking about them and praying for them." said Envy owner Ana Condit.

"I think it's important that we show appreciation and support for those that go out and support us and take care of us," said Marty Deangelis, owner of Alley Cat.

The Albany-Dougherty Chamber of Commerce is encouraging you to help turn the City into a sea of yellow by putting up your own bow of support.

"Just to show the soldiers that we support them and everything they've done by going over to Iraq and serving our country over the last year. As you know, they've really made a sacrifice, not only the soldiers but their families as well," said Clifford Porter, Chamber of Commerce.

The hope is as the soldiers come back to Albany from Fort Stewart, they will be overwhelmed by our community's patriotism and appreciation for their year of selfless service in Iraq.

The Chamber is planning events for the troops and their families over the next week. They're asking people to meet at the VFW Post of Philema Road Saturday around 9:30AM to hang ribbons along the route the troops will travel when they come home.

Next week, there will be a parade but the date hasn't been set yet. In July, the city will hold a huge celebration for all the 48th Brigade.

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