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Ebay store will sell your stuff

April 19, 2006

Albany -- Going Going Gone sells new and used items on the Ebay website for people who don't have time to sell stuff online themselves. It may be a good place for those people doing spring cleaning looking to sell what they no longer use.

Dancing Elmo dolls, limited edition Coca-Cola, and unusally sized dollar bills... junk to some people, but possibly treasures to bidders on Ebay.

"We put every single thing that comes in here onto Ebay and let the whole world see it," said owner Adam Culpepper.

Adam Culpepper logs online everyday to sell other people's stuff. He owns Going Going Gone, a local store where people bring their things to sell on Ebay.

"This place is very convenient for those looking to sell stuff but don't have the time or energy to do so," said Culpepper.

If you bring your stuff into the Ebay store, they'll take a picture of it and post it online where it will be on auction for a week and several millions of people can bid on it.

If your item sells, Going Going Gone does the shipping and gets paid part of the profit, but the original owner makes money too.

"This just opens everything up to the world. Instead of having a garage sale and selling something for $50, I can sell it to someone in New York for $100," said Culpepper.

It's a chance that people take to sell old stuff.

"You might get $2 or that same item might sell for $200. It's a game that people play. We're just the ones that do it...basically," said Culpepper.

About one out of every three items posted on Ebay actually get sold.

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