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Students learn about law, enjoy the beach

April 19, 2006

Albany - For many, warmer weather is beach weather, even if you can't make it to the beach. On Wednesday, students at Darton College participated in the school's annual Beach Day.

Hundreds of students turned out, but it's hard to tell what the favorite event was, the free food, or the mechanical bull. -

Krystle Tlokes says, "It was my first time, I've just always wanted to try it. It was fun though." LaQuata Sumter says, "It's a lot of students out here and it's getting hot. A lot of students coming out of class. I think we're going to have an excellent time."

The beach party is an annual event sponsored by the Darton College office of Student activities.

Learning the Law

Wednesday was also Law Day at Darton. The purpose is for students to learn more about the history of legal practices in our country. Superior Court Judge Stephen Goss and City Commissioner Bo Dorough, who's an attorney, spoke to students about Liberty under Law, separate branches and balanced power.

Dr. Amit B. Singh, a Darton College Professor says, "Law day is a national day, set aside for celebrating the legal process and the law. Because law, and the legal system is what gives us independence, gives us freedom."

Law Day is celebrated across the country on or around May 1st.


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