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Horse has problems, but not brusilosis

April 19, 2006

Terrell County -- A horse taken from a farm in Terrell County does not have a contagious disease. It was initially thought that the horse, taken from Don Bridges' farm, may have had brusilosis, a disease that can cause serious bone and skin infections and infertility in horses.

Today, Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin, says a test for that disease came back negative, but that the horse still has a serious infection and needs to be taken care of.

"Our mission is to try to rescue the horse and if at all possible put it under veterinary care and good treatment and bring it back to reasonable resemblance of a healthy horse," said Irvin.

The horse will be transferred to Atlanta while being nursed back to a healthy state. Other horses on Bridges farm are being monitored by the state, but there are no indications that other horses were mistreated or neglected.


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