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Kids learn about 911 procedures

April 19, 2006

Lowndes County - It's a field trip that could one day save their lives.  These pre-schoolers are getting a first class tour of the Lowndes County 911 Center, and meeting the men and women who will be their lifeline if they ever have to call the center.  "They'll send help to your house in an emergency," said five-year-old Taylor McLoud. 

"What we're trying to do here is educate young kids about how to dial 911, not to be afraid of 911, and not to treat 911 as a joke," said Nick Lacey, Emergency Management Director.

The center has recently received several calls from kids playing on the phone. "We have had several that are very distracting of the overall public safety system," said Lacey.

But to prepare them for the situations when they really do need help, making sure they know the critical information that will get help there fast. "We want to make sure they can tell the dispatchers where they live, their address," said Lacey.

Not only are the kids learning the do's and don'ts of dialing 911, they're also getting the chance to meet local law enforcement, and finding out that they're here to help them, not hurt them.  "This way we let the kids see that we aren't just here to make an arrest, but to help them when they need help," said Valdosta Police Officer Vernotis Williams.

Hopefully, they'll never have to call 911, but if they do, the lessons learned today will help them save someone's life, or maybe even their own.