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Big crowd turnout for Albany Civic Center

April 18, 2006

Albany--Magic filled the Albany Civic Center as many of your favorite Disney characters hit the ice for "Disney's Princess Classics."

So far, ticket sales have been strong for the show, that's good news for the center. As many of you recall, several weeks ago a rap concert at the center flopped and George Jones cancelled his concert.

It's not every day that a show at the Albany Civic Center attracts long lines, but Disney On Ice is changing that.

"She's just excited about seeing them. Aren't you? And seeing them ice skate," says Sandi Wakefield.

"She's been talking about it all week. She's seen the commercials," says Jay Houston.

Thousands of people fill the seats as Minnie and other Disney characters take center stage, a sight leaving many kids in awe.

"I feel like a princess," says Kendal Kilcrease.

And many adults says they're surprised by the crowd turnout.

"I didn't think there would be this many people," says Sonja Shaw.

Many here says it's family events like this that's responsible for the civic center's recent success.

"I think if they had more things for children it would be great. You've got to have something people want to see to draw people here," says Sarah Yanoski.

And Tony Ford, the promotions manager for the civic center agrees.

"Family shows take care of themselves. As long as we keep showing up, the family shows will keep coming in our direction," he says.

As the audience, both young and old, enjoy tonight's show, many look forward to more events at the center aimed for the entire family.

Disney on Ice will perform three more shows tomorrow. You can contact the Albany Civic Center's box office for ticket information and exact show times.


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