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South Georgians make plans for Mega-Millions jackpot

April 18, 2006

Albany-- There's no doubt the thought of one million dollars spurs some talk of what could be done with the money. Now think about 265-million. For Mega-Millions players, it produces a lengthy wish-list of wanted items.

Ticket machines across the city spit out what many hope will be life-changing numbers. "If I don't buy a ticket, I sure can't win," says Michael Word.

"I'd like to think about it as I'm counting it but who knows? Gotta hope for the best," says Charlie Hickey.

The small purple and white paper with it's black numbers hold golden dreams for confident ticketholders like Joyce Anighoro.

"I'm very confident. I played some. I quicked some. Now I'm waiting for tonight," says Anighoro.

Tonight is when she says she'll be 265-million dollars richer. But what exactly she'll do with the money, she's not certain. "It's too much to think about. It's so many things I can do. I don't know where to start," says Anighoro.

Where would most people start? And just what can be bought with millions of dollars here in the Good Life City? Some would start with the shiny things in life.

"Well, we've got all types of things. We've got yellow sapphires with diamonds around it. I believe this one is about $36,000," says Allen's Jewelers owner Steve Allen.

$36,000 from $265-million doesn't sound too bad. Maybe you could use that hand with the ring on it to start a new car. We went to Albany MotorCars and asked for the most expensive car on the lot right now. "This particular car is $89,000 dollars as it's equipped," says Allen Jones.

That $89,000 car is an S550 Mercedes Benz, pretty classy for a new millionaire. The jackpot is enough to buy nearly 3,000 of them. "Oh please. Don't even talk. I'd have a car for Sunday and one for weekdays," says Anighoro.

Other mega-millions hopefuls have other dreams for their money.

"I would travel. I would definitely get a boat and a captain," says Hickey.

"Work at home," says Word. But the millions of people taking their chance to be the 1 in over 175-million to hit the jackpot may just have to wait until next drawing. Anighoro knows for sure she'll be waking up rich.

"Oh, tomorrow. I don't know if you'll be talking to me. Maybe you'll be talking to my advisor," says Anighoro.

Tomorrow, she'll be making her wish list for the finer things in life. The mega-things bought from mega-millions hopes.

"All we can do is hope," says Word.



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