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Decatur Co landfill nearly full

April 18, 2006

Bainbridge- Decatur County is running out of space for its garbage. The county's landfill is near capacity. A new landfill is under construction but won't be complete until the first of June. It's forcing cities like Bainbridge to make other plans that's costing them more.

"We're currently paying $24 a ton for our garbage disposal in the landfill, the Decatur County landfill. Where we're taking, the other location we're taking garbage to is costing us $30 a ton, so about six more dollars a ton of garbage. The city of Bainbridge produces about a thousand tons a month and so it's going to be about six thousand additional dollars," said Chris Hobby, Bainbridge City Manager.

Right now, the additional costs won't be passed on to city residents. That may eventually change depending on new tipping fees and gasoline prices.