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Tax deadline keeps post office busy

April 17, 2006

Albany--Today is the day millions of Americans dread, the deadline for filing your income tax returns.

While many of you filed your taxes early, it never fails, many people waited till the last minute.

Many post offices extended their deadline. One Albany post office set up a table in front of its building. All you had to do is drive up and hand your tax return to the employees and drive off.

The cars keep rolling in, as the letters keeping pilling up, all thanks to last minute tax filers.

"We all put things off, put things off," says one late tax filer.

However, not everyone like, Aaron Favors, wants to admit it. "Oh, I didn't procrastinate. It was just one of those things when they said the 17th, so I just moved it back to the 17th," says Favors.

For those who waited until tonight's deadline, the post office is making it pretty simple for you.

"You come in and just drop it off and don't even half to go in and put it in the mailbox," says tax filer, Bill Wilson.

"They'll be here at midnight, and you can just give it to somebody and go, so it's real quick."

"We knew it was coming" says postal worker, Leverne Taylor.

Despite working out in the hot sun, postal worker Leverne Taylor is having fun. "The wind's blowing, so you got a good breeze," he says.

Fellow co-worker David Sanders isn't complaining either. "You get to interact with the public," he says.

As the returns pour in, both men carefully postmark each and every one of them.

"Even like a normal bill you're trying to get in on time, you want that postmark," says Taylor.

Neither is surprised by lines of cars stopping by the post office, barely beating the deadline.

"I do it sometimes, myself," says Sanders.

And many of these last minute tax filers appreciate the US Postal Service's extended hours.

"They're doing an excellent job, this is the most important day, April 17th," says Favors.

But for those of you, who have yet to mail them in, here's a warning:

"After midnight it is too late!!!! Haha," says Taylor.

You now will have to file for an extension.


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