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Rush is on for last minute tax filers

April 17, 2006
by Brent Solomon

Albany -- If you haven't already put your return in the mail, you're not out of luck. A couple of Albany post offices are open late tonight to make sure you get your taxes to the IRS, without being penalized.

Jim Williams just can't help it. He does this year after year. "Have to say I do. No different. I keep promising myself I'm going to do it different each year."

But whenever the last day to mail taxes comes around, he finds himself here. "I'm one of those procrastinators, last minute filer of my income tax."

That's why postal workers are working longer tonight, to accommodate the almost 2,000 people who waited until the last minute. "We ask for a lot of volunteers so everyone you see out there is usually volunteer employees," said Post Office Manager David Gunnoe.

The volunteers and postal workers are working until 12:00AM, since you have to have an April 17th postmark on your tax return to avoid a penalty. And even that's an extension from the normal April 15th deadline.

So why didn't Jim get it in on the 15th? "That's a good question," says Anthony Jones. "Because it wasn't ready. But today it is ready. In hand and ready to go."

A little peace of mind for people like Jim Williams who is well intended, but just can't seem to get in here before the last day. "I'll promise myself next year I'll try to do a little better. We'll be checking. All right."

Long lines expected later tonight, and if you still need to mail off your taxes, you've got until midnight. The West Broad Avenue branch will also have extended hours tonight.

We’ll have an update on the late night tax rush tonight at eleven.


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