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ATI gets $100K from County

April 17, 2006

Albany -- County commissioners say it's important to keep downtown redevelopment thriving.

In a close vote, Dougherty County commissioners agreed to give ATI $100,000 to continue work on sales tax projects. That's $50,000 less than last year, but more than the county's finance chairman suggested.

ATI asked the county for $100,000 to continue to develop and manage sales tax projects. The finance committee recommended $75,000 since ATI doesn't handle as many county projects anymore. In a four to three vote, commissioners approved $100,000.

County Commissioner Chuck Lingle says ATI already cut back on employees and spending and needs the money to continue revitalizing downtown. "We can go years without seeing the benefit of what's taking place but when it finally comes to be, we'll saying 'Great, aren't we glad we spent that money when we spent it and look what Albany is today?' said Lingle. "I don't think when can turn our back on it. It think it's going to be an on going thing. I feel like they've done us a valuable service."

The $100,000 from the county accounts for 25% of ATI's annual budget. The city also gives ATI $150,000 a year to develop its sales tax projects.


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