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Nashville banks burglarized

April 17, 2006

Nashville - No customers were allowed inside the Citizens Bank in Nashville Monday morning. Instead, the building was filled with investigators and GBI. agents and roped off with crime tape.

One block over at the United Bank, it's the same story. "Sometime over the weekend, we had both the Citizens Bank and the United Bank that were broken into," said John Clayton, Nashville Police Chief.

Investigators think that sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning, the same person broke into both banks and stole about $1,000 from each, all in coins. "All the money is pretty much kept inside the vault, there's a little bit of loose change at the different teller and drive through windows," said Clayton.

In both burglaries, the suspect broke in through a window and didn't set off an alarm at either bank. "There are alarms at the banks, but they went to a particular area where there weren't any motion sensors or an alarm and that's why it didn't trigger any alarms," said Clayton.

The suspect avoided all parts of the bank that were armed with motion sensors, and investigators say it looks like he knew what he was doing. "I don't think its going to be anybody from inside the banks, but it is someone I think that's familiar with the workings of the banks," said Clayton.

We weren't allowed to view surveillance tape from the banks, but investigators say the suspect only appears briefly and is covered with a mask, gloves, and dark clothing. They believe the suspect is a man and is working alone, or with one accomplice.

Investigators are also looking to see if these robberies may be connected to one in Lowndes County last week. The Park Avenue Bank Branch in Lake Park was broken into last Tuesday night.

The suspect got in by breaking the glass on the back door, but this time, an alarm did go off. Police got there within a few minutes, but the suspect had already took off with an undetermined about of money.


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