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Return of the Tire Man

April 17, 2006
by Brent Solomon

Lee County -- A 20-foot tall statue significant to the city of Albany has returned with a new look and in a new location.

Remember giant guy, commonly referred to as "The Tire Man?"

The fiberglass statue returned to Albany after being down for a few months. He's now located outside of Scott Johnson's construction shop on Fussell Road.

Johnson says he's always wanted his own "Tire Man."

"I can remember when I was a little boy, he was in downtown Albany holding a tire I believe,” Said Johnson. “I just always wanted him and he became available and I needed a place to put a sign, so I got him."

Johnson wouldn't tell us how much he spent on the statue. The Tire Man has been around since the early 60's in Albany.

Similar giants are located all across the country.


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