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Search for young boy ends

April 15, 2006

Thomas County--The search for a missing South Georgia boy has come to a happy ending.

Around 6 PM rescue crews located 4-year-old Nathan Dilloway in a field just off Highway 33 in Pavo.

Crews used two helicopters and four canine dogs to assist in the search that began around 2 PM. They found the boy about four hours later just a mile and a half from his home.

Dilloway and his mother had just returned home when she went to unlock the back door to her house.

She says when she came to let her son in through the front door, he'd vanished.

Tonight, Nathan's mother and uncle are grateful to the thirty men that assisted in locating him.

"My whole world 's been returned to me. My whole life. My whole reason for living is back," says Rachel Reeves.

"I worried up a storm over him. I was ready to go out into the fields and go back searching, but they wouldn't let me," says  Brandon Hagan.

Nathan suffered no injuries, only several scratches and bruises on his face and legs.