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Sad ending to an amazing fish story

April 14, 2006

Albany -- The record breaking blue catfish, named Bubba Blue, has died.

Big Bubba was donated to the Flint Riverquarium last week by Bainbridge fisherman James Tyus. The 67 pound catfish was caught on the Chattahoochee River in Early County and taken to the Flint Riverquarium to be celebrated as Georgia's largest caught blue catfish.

But aquarists say stress and possible infection killed him. "All of us here are very disappointed because we thought what a great thing to have this record breaking blue catfish on exhibit for people to see and enjoy," said Riverquarium Director Doug Noble.

The Riverquarium will perform an autopsy on Bubba to find out why he died.

They may make a cast of the fish to exhibit his vast size. Bubba was 4-feet long.


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