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Area churches celebrate the Easter season

April 13, 2006

Albany-- We're in the middle of the holiest week of the Christian calendar. Thursday night, Christians commemorated the night of Jesus's last supper. As Easter approaches, many of them are also focusing on the world outside the church.

As the organist plays a prelude, members of Porterfield Memorial United Methodist Church reflect on tonight's purpose. "Maundy Thursday is a celebration of the last supper that Christ shared with the disciples before his crucifixion," says Pastor Nathan Godley.

But amidst the praise, Pastor Nathan Godley says there are problems plagueing the nation, problems that can be changed with something more powerful.

"Racial and national division and country against country and gosh wouldn't it be great if we all prayed and worked for peace this Easter," says Godley.

"I believe that prayer sometimes can be the only way to solve things," says church member Mark Mitchell.

Prayer they hope reaches the world. "I pray for the troops in Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan and I pray for everyone's family," says Mitchell. Families have been and continue to be affected by changing news and changing times. They pray for change as new generations grow up.

"My son that he'll grow up to know the things morally that are right in the world," says church member Connie Thorne. But in a world of war and woes, the faithful say that we have proven to be survivors.

"Survivors of London and the survivors of 9/11 and I just pray that people would be safe and learn to know the Lord," says Mitchell.

"I just hope in the community in Albany that we can all come together in this Easter season, no matter what race or faith and we can all just put that aside," says Thorne.

Pastor Godley says they're not putting aside what they call the true reason for the Easter events. "The death of Christ and the gift of his life," says Godley.

But powerful prayer here at church will light the way for the millions of people living on the outside and that gives them something extra to sing about.



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