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Thomas University professor considered terrorism expert

April 13, 2006

Thomasville- A Thomas University professor says everyone should be alert to terroristic activity everywhere. Dr. Harry Bruno recently participated in an elite group that discussed how to combat terrorism not only in the United States but world wide.

The events of 9/11, the London bombing, and hostile actions across the globe have made terrorism as common place as baseball.

"It affects everyone, all around the world, not only life wise but economic, you know it makes a big impact when something like that happens," said Dr. Harry Bruno, Thomas University.

Dr. Harry Bruno was one of 35 experts worldwide chosen to speak about terrorism at the Oxford Roundtable, held at Lincoln College on the Oxford University campus.

"We discussed different tactics, different methods, different reasons that terrorists become involved in their activity that they do and we tried to work at the base of it and work from there and eliminate it," said Bruno.

Eliminating terrorism is no easy task because when one cell is eliminated, another takes its place and Bruno predicts more attacks.

"Where gatherings are in large numbers. It was just like 9/11, they made their impact with the twin towers because of the large numbers because of the location the architecture of the building things like that," said Bruno.

Terrorism can be combated by simply staying alert. He's recently coauthored a book encouraging amusement park employees to watch their surroundings.

"Listen mostly, and see what people's philosophies, and if they continue to talk against the country and take on a terrorist attitudes far as their philosophies, their way of thinking, then just listen," said Bruno.

While inroads are being made.

"We've learned a lot of their tactics and their methods and their philosophies, so as long as we can keep up with this, maybe we can stay one step ahead of them," said Bruno.

Bruno believes everyone has to be involved, exchanging information, to make a real difference.

Dr. Bruno says counties sharing information about terrorist activity goes a long way towards fighting the problem and forecasting where the next problem may be.



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