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Albany starts talks with South Coast League

April 13, 2006

Albany - The City of Albany starts negotiations to bring another pro-baseball team here. An independent league, called The South Coast League, wants to start up a baseball team in Albany.

The first contract calls for the team to pay the City $40,000 over the next three years to use the Paul Eames Sports Complex. The contract states the City would have make repairs to the stadium including replacing ceiling tiles and repairing cracks in the concrete and leaks.

The league also asked the city to add a roof to the stadium, which could cost a $1.2-million. South Coast League CEO Jamie Toole had told commissioners they'd take the stadium as is, so city staffers told Toole the roof requirement must be taken out of the contract. Toole agreed.

Now, the city manager wants to know how much the other repairs will cost the City. City staffers originally estimated the sports complex needed $200,000 in repairs, but the city engineer lowered that cost after finding the complex in good condition.

South Coast hopes to start playing baseball next spring.



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