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Chehaw welcomes new addition to the family

April 12, 2006

Albany-- There's a new addition at the Parks at Chehaw with a pretty name quite opposite to her past.

Making her name known at the park is 11-week-old Daisy, an American Black Bear. The park got the playful cub when she was only a week old. She was found in the Blue Ridge Mountains after developers accidentally bulldozed her den.

Daisy's mother was seriously injured and a second cub died. Daisy made it and Chehaw officials say she'll bring lots of joy to park visitors.

"We're absolutely ecstatic. This is a great introduction to our collection and it's great experience for our staff. They have the ability to to learn from these animals as well as they can learn from us so it's a great experience," says assistant curator Joseph Darcangelo.

You can see Daisy for only a short while on Saturdays from 11 to 1 and Sundays between 2 and 4. It'll take about a year for her to be introduced to the other three bears at Chehaw.



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