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Police remain silent on weekend child rape

April 11, 2006

Albany -- Police are investigating a reported rape of a little girl.

But they won't talk to us about it, and they failed to issue any kind of warning that a child rapist may be out there -- even two days after the reported attack.

That has people in the girl's central Albany neighborhood angry.

People who live near Albany High School are worried. They want Albany police to give more information about a sexual attack on a little girl.

"They should let everybody know that the man is still on the loose," resident Pam Thomas said. "I think that's wrong of everybody because you got kids running around here and you don't know what child is going to be next."

"When something like that happens, I wish they would warn the community or whatever so we can be on the lookout," said Yteela Ford.

The rape happened Sunday evening. We don't know exactly where because police took that out of the incident report. They also blocked out the girl's age, although they told us she's "approximately 10-years old."

The police report says the girl approached an "unknown black male" she thought was riding a bicycle stolen from her brother. She claims the suspect pulled her behind a vacant house and raped her.

The officer wrote he saw what he believed to be semen in the girl's hair.

Paramedics took her to Phoebe Putney Hospital.

During a walk around the neighborhood tonight, Keonna Broussard told us the attack frightens her.

"I used to could walk around and nothing happen," Broussard said, "but now I'm hearing about all this other stuff. I think I'll just stay in the house." She also has a message for who police whom she calls careless for keeping the attack a secret.

"Stay in the community a little more and maybe all this stuff that has happened won't happen."

When we went to police headquarters to look at the report in the public media file... it wasn't there.

When we demanded a copy, Albany Police spokesman Lt. Kenn Singleton gave us one. However, he refused to answer any questions about the investigation including what possible forensics evidence showed or did not show, or why police did not make the crime public.

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