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Protect your eyes

April 11, 2006

Albany - Bausch & Lomb voluntarily suspended shipment of a contact lens solution after federal health officials linked it to an infection that can cause temporary blindness. The CDC is investigating 109 reports in patients in 17 states since June.

Bausch & Lomb said it would temporarily suspend shipments of ReNu with MoistureLoc made at its Greenville, South Carolina plant.

Albany Optometrist Dr. Willis Hendley says he is encouraging patients to switch brands. He says, "Certainly, being judicious would be the proper perspective to take as it relates to this and I think, one if you're using this solution, you should probably stop until we get some further analysis and information and the muddy water is cleared a little bit better."

Dr. Hendley says if you have blurred vision or pain, you need to see your eye doctor.