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Ready to Build

April 10, 2006

Albany -- Many coaches will tell you the most improvement for a team comes between the first and second weeks of the season.

The Wildcats got a head start Saturday, as during the second half of their home opener they made a big comeback, scoring four straight touchdowns to tie the game.

While they didn't get the win, the comeback has given the Cats plenty of confidence for the remainder of the season.

The South Georgia Wildcats played their first game of the season Saturday night.

Their opponent Tennessee Valley had already played their first a week before, and the Cats trailed by three touchdowns after the 1st half.

"I told the guys that's our bad half for the season," says South Georgia head coach Dinnie Davis. "Now it's time to strap it on and play ball."

The Wildcats were down 42-14 early in the third quarter, before scoring 28 unanswered points in a big second half comeback.

Davis says, "The defense put a stake in the ground and allowed the offense to catch up. During that time there was never anybody waiting for something to happen. Everyone did their assignments and made the plays."

The South Georgia staff today analyzing the film of the game, and Davis says he saw plenty of positives.

"It's never as bad as you think it is. We made a lot of big plays out there. Showed a lot of hustle and did a lot of things right."

And Davis says the execution in the second half sets the Cats up very well for the remainder of the season.

"To go through what we went through with the amount of turnovers and missed plays and only come out eight points behind against a pretty good team is a testament to our organizations and our players."

The Wildcats will be home again next week as they host Tulsa.


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