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Severe weather hits south Georgia

April 8, 2006

Turner County--Parts of south Georgia was under the tornado watch for much of the morning. While the National weather service reports that no tornados were actually spotted here, don't tell that to one man.

This is what's left of Harmon Adam's shop after strong winds ripped it in half. "Thank God it didn't hit the house," he says.

Around 2 PM, Harmon sat on his porch when he noticed a funnel cloud whirling in a field next to his home.

"Then I seen something over there,the wind picked up just spinning round and round," he says. Harmon says it wasn't strong winds that damaged his property but a tornado.

"What was the sound like? Whoo, whoo, whoo and you could hear metal and stuff fly," he says. The storm uprooted this tree near Harmon's home, and sent metal, wood, and other objects from his shop flying in all directions.

"You can find stuff from here where down there and yonder," he says. While he says the tornado came without warning, he's grateful he still has a place to call home.

"God will lead me the way," he says.

Harmon has lived in his house for twenty years. He says this isn't the first time severe weather has damaged the shop. But it's always missed his house.