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Phoebe publishes financial reports

April 7, 2006

Albany -- Want to see how much Phoebe Putney's high paid executives make? That information is now available the internet.

From the hospital administrators' huge six figure salary, to money spent on expensive trips, the hospital with a heart claims it will tell all and show all on its web site. Their disclosure comes after the United States Senate demanded to see the hospital's financial records.

Joel Wernick's $816,099 annual salary in 2005, and how much the hospital pays for country club golf memberships for their top executives can all be seen now at Phoebe Putney's website. "I really emphasize the word trust. I hope we can build that in our community," said Phoebe Health Systems Chairman Lem Griffin.

The posting follows the financial disclosure the hospital had to make to the U.S. Senate, which looked into its not-for-profit status. The posting shows hospital charitable giving, collection policies, and operating budgets for the last three years.

Administrators want to use it to fight back against critics who have questioned their ethics. "We think there is orchestrated, organized, negative corporate campaign that has been launched against Phoebe Putney for the last three years, and it is done in conjunction with people who have self gain and other motives," said Phoebe C.E.O. Joel Wernick.

Phoebe Factoid Author Charles Rehberg said "I think it is good. I think it's a major victory for the public."

Wernick said Phoebe Factoid authors Charles Rehberg and Dr. John Bagnato were part of that negative campaign. They anonmously wrote the Phoebe Factoids that exposed lavish spending by hospital administrators. The hospital sued Rehberg and he still faces criminal charges.

Rebhberg said, "It's a huge victory for all of us that has been pushing for this for a long time."

Wernick says the hospital is proud to let the community see it's Senate response. "For the public to understand that Phoebe Putney operates at the highest level of integrity."

Wernick said he hopes the Senate Inquiry will be used to consistently evaluate not for profit hospitals in the United States, and improve national health care.

  • See Phoebe's financial reports on their website.


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