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Farm-use water management explained

April 6, 2006

Albany -- Farmers learned more tonight about how their water usage affects the Flint River and how a new water management plan will affect their ability to water crops.

The Flint River Regional Water Development and Conservation Plan promotes conservation and reuse of water to guard against shortages in South Georgia.

To head off a drought, some farmers may be ordered to halt watering when the crops need it most.

The plan was launched after studies showed agricultural irrigation severely impacts the health of the Flint River basin's aquifiers.

"The thinking has been and still is that pumping irrigation water out of the Floridan acquifer -- which is the main limestone acquifer in this area -- can decrease the stream flow in the Flint river and the tributaries like Spring Creek and Itchaway Notchaway Creek, said Rob McDowell of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

Similar town halls will be held next Tuesday at the Retreat at Lake Blackshear and the following Tuesday at the Charter House Inn in Bainbridge.

To take a look at the plan, go to


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