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Man dies saving child

April 6, 2006

Seminole County -- A 62-year-old Seminole County man died while saving a little boy who was drowning.

Tim Rollins and his wife Edna took family members out on a boat on Lake Seminole yesterday. While they were out on the water, a six year old boy fell overboard.

Rollins jumped in and saved him, but died doing so.

A frantic 911 call was made by 13-year-old Amber Mills.

Mills: "Hurry, please hurry. Please hurry ma'am,"

Dispatcher: "Fire fighters, Seminole County EMS, please respond to 374 in the area of Rays Lake, 374 in the area of Rays Lake, possible code 7, in the water.

[Sounds of Screams]

Mills: "Hurry ma'am, please hurry.

Dispatcher: "Hold on, stay with me."

"They were out there feeding for some fish and a small child, a six-year-old named Joshua, was standing at the front of the pontoon boat, and for some unknown reason he slipped or fell into the water," said Seminole Co. Sheriff Sgt. Melvin Henry.

Tim Rollins and his sister Tennelle Adams jumped in after Joshua. He was rescued, but Tim Rollins drowned. "He was able to recover the grandson and get him back on the boat safely and for some unknown reason he went under," said the sergeant.

Quick thinking allowed deputies to find a boat on the other side of the Rays Lake Bridge, drive underneath and out to help. "I pointed my patrol car in that direction and got on the PA speaker, and I said 'If you can hear me I need you to come to the land immediately,'" said Henry.

"I cranked up and came to the dock and it was Deputy Sheriff Melvin Henry. He was standing at the dock and he wanted me to come on fast," said fisherman John Hanna.

Minutes later the two reached the pontoon boat. "When I got there and got onto the pontoon boat, I grabbed her hand to keep her from going down any further, and I was able to hold her until more help got to where I was at," Henry said.

"The other lady was out about 50 yards or so from the boat, and I went and approached her, and she said 'He's right here, right here, my husband,'" said Hanna.

Rescue crews believe a medical condition may have caused Rollins to slip under the water. His body was recovered about a half hour later. No one on the boat was wearing a life jacket.

Tennelle Adams and the four children returned to their home in Mississippi this morning.


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