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School buses damaged by vandals

April 6, 2006

Albany -- A South Albany business thinks teenagers playing a prank, broke into their repair yard, and started joy riding in several vehicles. But they ended up causing tens of thousands of dollars of damages.

Two school buses still sit jammed between a couple of trees at Yancey Power Systems, after vandals broke in and started driving them. Yancey Branch Manager David Riley said "I feel like some kids within this neighborhood, right around close, done this."

Sometime over the weekend at least two people broke into the parking yard behind their repair facility, and started joyriding in the two school buses. The keys had been left in them. Riley said "this one You can see where they sideswiped this one. Of course it didn't do no damage, but peeled some paint off."

A 2005 Calhoun County School bus is dented and smashed on every side, and might be totaled. Riley said "You are looking at a 65 or 70 thousand dollar bus easy."

A 2006 Clay County bus was also damaged in what Riley described as a demolition derby joy ride. Riley said "They possibly used the buses for tug of war against one another. The bumpers bent, frame, body damage on both sides of the bus where they been run into different pieces of equipment."

 Riley says whoever broke in drove the two buses around this dirt hole, colliding with tractors and bulldozers, until they got stuck in the trees. They then stole this Flint Beverage truck, and drove it through the fence. It was found abandoned Monday by Police in a Slappey Boulevard Parking lot. Riley said "I guess just meanness."

In all two trucks and the two buses were damaged. It will take months to repair the buses, if they can be fixed. Insurance will cover the cost, but Yancey is hoping someone will tell Police who did the damage.

So far no arrests have been made. Yancey officials say they will upgrade their security around their business, and will make sure no keys are left in any vehicles.


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