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Keeping storm drains clean

April 6, 2006

Valdosta - Spring time usually brings stormy weather to South Georgia, and public works officials want you to help them keep storm drains open for runoff.

Trash, yard trimmings, and metal scraps are often found in storm drains, which can clog the drains and cause street flooding. The pollution ends up in creeks and rivers and can eventually go into our water supply.

Not only are you harming the environment when you pollute storm drains, you're also breaking the law. "There could be fines and they would go through municipal court, just as with any other violation of a city code, and the judge would make the appropriate decision as to what to do, up to a $500 fine," said Leon Weeks, Valdosta Utilities Director. 

Weeks warns people that city employees in Valdosta will be looking out for people dumping trash into storm drains.



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