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South Ga. native takes Coast Guard's top honors

April 6, 2006

Lowndes County - Ask most kids who their heroes are, and they'd likely say their parents. But for Rodney and Kathy Gordon, their hero is their son. "I'm extremely proud of him," said Rodney.

"He went well over and beyond the call of duty in my book," said Kathy.

Petty Officer Rodney Gordon Jr. in an electricians mate in the Coast Guard assigned to Air Station New Orleans. "He's in charge of all the electrical maintenance on the base," said Rodney.

During Hurricane Katrina, Gordon was one of the last officers to leave the base, and just a few hours later, he was the first to return. "He worked for the first five days, 20 to 21 hours a day without sleep," said Rodney.

He's wasn't actually flying the planes into danger or repelling down to rescue victims, but without his work, the planes would have never left the ground. "He was in waist deep water in fuel, rewiring generators to get the fuel pumps working, so they could in turn, fuel the helicopter," said Rodney.

The Coast Guard has credited him with more than 6,000 rescues, and recently honored him with their Meritorious Service Award, and the Coast Guard Achievement Award. "If he hadn't done what he did, not as many lives would've been saved," said Kathy.

Godon's hard work comes as no surprise to his family. "He usually does his job first, puts himself last," said Kathy. Just one of the many selfless acts that makes their son a true hero.

The Gordons also have another son in the Coast Guard they're extremely proud of. Chad Gordon is stationed at Tybee Island.



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