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Governor signs education spending act into law

April 5, 2006

Albany -- Governor Perdue signed a law today requiring local school districts to spend 65 percent of their budgets in the classroom, but critics say it could hurt some schools.

Classroom expenditures include teacher salaries, instructional material and field trips. Supporters say improving those things will improve test scores.

Dougherty County doesn't come close the new standard, and administrators say it's harder for some districts to meet it.

"The 65 percent rule doesn't take account the poverty of a school system, or the amount of travel time that kids have to travel to and from school, the rural nature of the county, plus the wealth of the county," said Dougherty County School District Business and Operations Director Robert Lloyd.

Dougherty County spends slightly less than 60 percent of its budget on classroom expenditures. The state average is about 63 percent.



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