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Bainbridge man catches state record catfish

April 5, 2006

Albany - A Bainbridge fisherman lands a state record catfish. James Tyus caught a 67.05 pound, 48 inch catfish Saturday on the Chattahoochee River just below the Columbia Lock Dam in Early County.

He was using just a 15-pound test line, but he managed to reel in the whopper with the help of his brother. Tyus kept the fish in his jacuzzi until he got in contact with the DNR. The catfish survived a 45 minute car ride, out of water, to Albany. The DNR then took the fish to the Flint Riverquarium.

"The experience of reeling it in was unreal. That's the first catfish I've ever seen that rolled like a bass. She did it twice. It was dark so I couldn't really tell what it was until we got it to the boat. It was something I won't forget for a long, long time," said fisherman James Tyus.

"He'll go through a couple rounds of medication," said Flint Riverquarium aquatist Holly Hayden. "We'll make sure he's eating really well, then we'll put him in the 175,000 gallon blue hole."

The blue catfish outweighed the current state record by six pounds. Tyus donated the fish to the Riverquarium. The fish will be in quarantine for about a month before going on display.


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