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Phoebe Putney wants seal lifted

April 4, 2006

Albany--Phoebe Putney wants a gag order in a civil suit against the hospital lifted. 

In October Charles Rehberg, a whistleblowing author of the Phoebe Factoids, requested a seal to keep documents involved in the civil case from the public.

Phoebe agreed, but now say it's no longer needed. Rehberg's lawyer also is in favor of removing the seal.

It could be several weeks before a judge has a hearing on the motion.

"As time has gone on here, and with the status of current events, we believe there should be a need for a seal, and we no longer see that need, we just want the public to know the truth," says Jackie Ryan with Phoebe Putney.

"I can only speculate that they have decided from a public relations standpoint that it would be best for them to put on this fiscade of openness that they should have had for the last ten years," says Ralph Scoccimaro, attorney for Charles Rehberg.

Rehberg and Doctor John Bagnato still face criminal charges for harrassing phone calls for sending out the Factoids, faxes that were critical of Phoebe.



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