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Downtown Gateway won't have to come down

April 4, 2006

Albany - The new downtown Albany gateway won't have to be torn down if Oglethorpe Boulevard is widened, according to Albany's top traffic engineer. Engineering Director Bob Alexander says the DOT told economic development leaders the arch probably wouldn't interfere with the current plans to widened the road. After looking at the design, Alexander agrees.

"If you have three lanes in each direction plus the bicycle lanes plus the sidewalk, you still have enough room even with the widening to keep the arch where it's at. I don't believe you'll have to have the arch come down," said Bob Alexander.

Albany Tomorrow President Tommy Chatmon insists that the DOT never told ATI that Oglethorpe would definitely be widened. But according to the DOT when the city received the permit to build the arch, they agreed that they would reallocate or remove any installation or construction placed on the state right of way.

The widening project is about three years away.


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