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Mosquito onslaught yet to start

April 4, 2006

Dougherty County - So far, mild weather and a lack of rain are keeping mosquitoes from hatching out.

At this time last year, Dougherty County Environmental Control was already getting complaints about mosquitoes. So they started spraying. But so far this year - no mosquitos, or at least no reported problems.

Mosquito man, Donell Mathis, says Dougherty County Environmental Control never stops fighting mosquitos. Throughout the winter, crews continue to treat pools of standing water with larvacide.

"To kill off larvae so when temperatures do get warm enough for larvae to hatch out, we can eliminate those larvae from hatching out," Mathis said.

And crews visited schools to teach children how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. So far this spring, mother nature's been our side. "The temperature has been cooler than it would normally be," Mathis said.

Mosquito larvae need prolonged warm temperatures to hatch out. "Once the temperature gets up above 59º for a few days, they will hatch out."

And we haven't had a lot of rain. More good news, since puddles and pools are water are breeding grounds for the disease carrying pests. "I think that will have a good season unless when get a lot of rain, that bombards us so that we can't get out and treat the water."

Environmental Control won't start spraying until the weather stays warmer longer and calls about mosquitoes start rolling in. Environmental Control continues to encourage people to empty out standing water around your home, in birdbaths or flower pots.

Smaller pools of water get warmer faster, which means mosquitos larvae will hatch out sooner.


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