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Bigger car seats developed for bigger kids

April 3, 2006

Albany - Standard child safety seats are designed for 1-to-3-year-olds weighing up to 40 pounds, but more than a quarter million American children ages one to six are heavier than that weight limit.

Newer car seats coming out that will be able to restrain children up to 65 pounds with an internal harness. That's important for a very tall, or very heavy child, or a special needs child that isn't mature enough for a booster seat. Child safety seats are also being made to hold infants that weigh less than five pounds.

Michele DeMott says, "It's going both ways to accommodate for very very small babies that need to be transported and larger children that still need to be in a safety seat."

Regardless of the size, you should only use a car seat, for about five years before replacing it.


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