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Blue reflectors point out fire hydrants

April 3,  2006

Albany -- Albany Firefighters are using new reflective road markers to pinpoint their fire hydrants.

Firefighters started installing the reflectors Monday near each of the 45-hundred hydrants in Dougherty County. They'll also go up at intersections to point out hydrant locations.

Albany Fire Chief James Carswell said the reflectors will speed response time to fires. "It becomes more and more difficult to see a hydrant at night. This will actually be in the street so our headlights will actually reflect the blue back to us, and we'll know exactly where the hydrant is based on the location of the reflector is."

5000 reflectors cost $15,000, and will be installed by six teams of firefighters in the next weeks. New home developers in Dougherty County will be required to install the blue reflectors when new hydrants are installed.

Firefighters are putting out the reflectors while they conduct their annual hydrant checks.



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