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South Georgians enjoy day-light saving time

April 2, 2006

Albany--Starting today, your evenings will get a little brighter thanks to Day-light saving time.

That's good news for many south Georgians, including one women's softball team in Albany. The later evenings give them more time to prepare for their first game against their neighboring rivals.

Although they lost an hour of sleep, the team's coach says that's actually a good thing.

"Now we do have an opportunity to come one day during the evening and practice, that would give us an opportunity. Normally it would be getting dark somewhere around close around 6:30," says coach, Bobby Johnson.

Around 7 PM, the sun usually disappears, and the stars come out. But that wasn't the case today. There was plenty of light, and plenty of people around Lake Loretta earlier. We caught many of you jogging and soaking in the extra sunlight.

"I like it. It means I get to go on bike rides and spend time with my sisters outside," says Abi Tiefert.

 Day-light saving time ends on October 29.  You'll have to turn your clocks back one hour.



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