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Fire departments say check smoke detectors

April 2, 2006

Albany -- Daylight Saving Time started early this morning, and hopefully everyone remembered to change their clocks for an hour later.

Local fire stations also like to use Daylight Saving Time to remind people to check and change the batteries on your smoke detectors.

For many smoke detectors, checking the battery is as simple as pressing a button. The detector will sound if it's in working order. If it doesn't beep you may need to change the battery.

"Your smoke detectors detect smoke, they detect heat. It's an early signal that something's wrong. That you have smoke in your house, and it gives you a chance to get out of your house before something bad happens," said Albany Fireman Ricky Thompson.

Firefighters remind people to check the battery monthly and change the battery every six months.

Most detectors unless wired into the home, will use a nine volt battery. Some new smoke detectors can use a nine volt lithium battery that can last ten years. The fire department reminds people who choose this long-lasting battery to check it every month.



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