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Big name concert at civic center flops

March 31, 2006

Albany -- Promoters hoped thousands of people would pack the Civic Center tonight to see several big-name hip hop groups like Three Six Mafia and Juvenile perform. That didn't happen. As of the beginning of the week only around 100 tickets had been sold.

Concert promoters say they may not schedule any more events at the Civic Center.

An hour after showtime. Seats at the civic center are still empty, and the bands still haven't come on.

"I thought we should get our money back for it," said Richele Bodiford.

And it left Civic Center Promotions Manager Tony Ford wondering why.

"Our community has not turned out like they need to. Makes it a little hard for us when we want to schedule another top notch package, but we're going to keep trying," said Albany Civic Center promotions manager Tony Ford.

But as the venue will continue trying to get the big names in, some promoters say they won't be back.

"No time soon, we can't take this chance anymore. It would be different if the Civic Center and the City of Albany were sharing the risk financially, but they're not. It's on H2 entertainment," said Partner for H2 Entertainment Valerie Randolph-Towns.

A few more than 500 tickets were sold for the show, and promoters say that isn't enough for a concert this big.

Fans did get to hear a DJ and see dancers up on stage for three hours after doors first opened for the concert.



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