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Farmers find way to conserve water and soil

March 30, 2006

Albany -- Increasing energy costs are pushing farmers to find more effective ways to grow crops. Strip tilling crops is a method growing in popularity among some Worth County framers. It helps prevent soil erosion and helps increase water conservation.

Several farmers use the strip tilling method to prepare land for this year's crops. Rather than tilling the land with a tractor, it is sprayed with chemicals to kill any plants or weeds. New crops are planted right on top of the chemical-treated land.

Chris Young says it's an effective way to save on time, gas, water, and soil erosion.

"It's good that the water stays put cause it helps your crop mature and finish like it should instead of running out in the ditches. What little bit of rain you get in the summer, it helps it go further," said Worth County farmer Chris Young.

Young and his brother have used the method for the past few years now. They say using the strip till method also saves on labor because they don't need to hire people to run the tractor across the land.



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