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Nurse practitioners can write Rx

March 30, 2006

Thomasville- State lawmakers this week approved a bill that will help small clinics like the Community Wellness Center by allowing nurse practitioners to write prescriptions. Right now, the nurses can only call in a prescription to a pharmacy.

If Governor Sonny Perdue signs the legislation, starting July first about five thousand nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwives, and mental health nurses will be allow to write prescriptions.

"Now I can go ahead and write a prescription hand it to the patient and she can be out the door right away, there's no lag in time, now the physician would later on go back and see the chart and see that it was written properly that kind of thing, but now we can take care of the patient in whole," said Heather Stroh, Certified Nurse Widwife.

Georgia is the last state to allow practicing nurses to write prescriptions.



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