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10 Country- Jesse's Patience Builder

March 30, 2006

Tifton-- Many people want more patience, but have no clue about how to get it. They would welcome an easy, cheap, painless way. For those wanting an easier way out, then spend a few minutes with Mr. Patience, a man who doesn't didn't need a special coach or exercise or book, but an inexpensive game that has been around for centuries.

"Going to be a bugger," says Jesse Brown as he looks at hundreds of pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. If experience is the best teacher, then Jesse Brown knows what he has to do. "You just got to be patient," says Jesse as he sits at a special table just for puzzling.

A 750 piece puzzle will give him a run for his patience. "I've put together hundreds of them," says Jesse who always starts the same way. "Pick out the outside pieces," says Jesse.

When he dumps pieces, he immediately looks for those pieces that form the border. With easy part over, a test of wills begins. The puzzle seems to resists being conquered. "Come on get in there," says Jesse, as he tries to get a piece to join another, but it won't go even though it looks like a perfect fit.

While the puzzle seems to have a contrary will, Jesse's will overcome the resistance. "I did get one. How about that," says Jesse with excitement.

Little victories always welcomed. "Yeah. That goes there," says Jesse as he finds another match. Jesse's wasn't always this patient. "Ah, come on get in there," says Jesse to another piece.

He had his moments when the puzzles easily won without a fight. "I'd just tear them up and put them back in the box," says Jesse. Then two things happened. He got a table big enough to work on, a table where the paint has been rubbed off to the bare wood by moving thousands of pieces around. "Didn't know that was going there when I picked it up," says Jesse, as he makes another match, to his surprise.

And, he changed his approach. "Don't dwell on one piece because you won't get anything done," says Jesse, whose eyes always scan the table. He realized some days make better puzzle days than others. "Some days I can't find anything; Comeback later on and start picking them up right away."

From then own, Jesse had the advantage, but something was still missing. Putting together a puzzle with hundreds of pieces ranks as only part of the challenge.

Next, he must make the puzzle look exceptionally good. He adds a special glue to the puzzle to make it rigid enough to take to his workshop. The puzzles needed more of his handiwork. "I like to frame them up," he says, placing a piece of wood in a miter box to saw.

A puzzle without a frame is like having missing pieces, an incomplete work as far as he was concerned. He has put together hundreds of puzzles in 10 years. "That's my pastime," says Jesse, but keeps only a few puzzles. "I just don't sell anything. I just give it to people," says Jesse.

A generous person with a good heart and patience who has found the answer to one of the many puzzles of life.

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