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Donalsonville is GSP's Post of the Year

March 29, 2006

Donalsonville- A focus on impaired drivers cut down on fatal crashes in one region of south Georgia. Now, the officers responsible for the crackdown are honored for their lifesaving work.

The highways in Early, Decatur, Miller, and Seminole Counties are safer than ever.

"These types of drivers are what cause sometimes as much as 40 to 50 percent of fatalities, if they don't cause it they're involved in it in some form or fashion," said SFC J.C. Johnson, Donalsonville GSP Post Commander.

The Donalsonville GSP's crackdown on impaired drivers amounted to 205 arrests last year with only one fatality related to alcohol, and they're not just focusing on drunk drivers.

"We're having a problem with the marijuana, the cocaine, you name it the drugs are out there and these troopers are spending more time now on the traffic stops to detect those type of problems," said Johnson.

More time lowered the amount of fatalities from 22 in 2004 to only 5 in 2005, and it was done with less.

"We did it with less man power, we did it with some mileage restrictions due to state budgeting and you know you got to do your best with what you've got," said Johnson.

Their best earned them Georgia Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, post of the year award.

"We can't catch them all you know we can't catch them all but if we're catching 205 drunks in rural Georgia if we can get 205 next year, great. If we get 200 next year, great. I'd love to see it where we couldn't find them anymore," said Johnson.

But if they're found, they'll be arrested and hopefully kept off south Georgia's highways. Unfortunately, already this year the post has handled two fatalities, both were alcohol related.