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Pipes repaired, church to resume

March 29, 2006

Acree -  In July, Hurricane Dennis dumped about eight inches of rain in Dougherty and Worth Counties. Drain pipes were too small and weren't able to handle the water volume. The church sanctuary was flooded.

This week, new pipes were put in place to help water drain more quickly, and renovation work began in the church.  Assistant Public Works Direcotr, Chucky Mathis says, "Our goal was to try to alleviate the back flow of water going back onto the church property, by increasing the size of the pipes here, so it will handle a greater volume of water."

Pastor Mark Sickling says, "It makes us feel very grateful that the county has done this work and the state has said yes we need to do this. We realize that floods still could happen, but we believe this will pretty much take care of it except for the worst case scenario."

New drywall, carpet and seats are being installed in the church, then painting must be completed. The church hopes to resume services there by Mother's Day.

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