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Ready to Contribute

March 28, 2006

Albany -- With a lot of talented players right here in South Georgia, the Wildcats have the ability a lot of other AF2 teams don't have: They can stock their roster full of local talent the fans are familiar with, without sacrificing on-the-field results.

Former Albany State Ram Alvin Ray Jackson will play his first indoor season this year, and Jackson is ready to make an impact on the South Georgia Wildcats.

Jackson says, "It's going well. I'm trying to get adjusted to playing the indoor game. I'm learning, and I'm hoping I can contribute this year."

Jackson finished up his college career at Albany State in 2004, and says his first Arena season is a lot different.

"There's been some surprises, and I can't do anything but learn and play."

Jackson had two interceptions in the Wildcats scrimmage last week, including one for a touchdown, and head coach Donnie Davis says he likes having proven winners on his team.

"These guys can play," says Davis. "These guys are used to being in a winning program over here at Albany State and the other surrounding colleges. We know that the guys know how to win, and they are also used to playing together."

Jackson says, "I think there'll be a lot of familiar faces that the fans will know. They'll be a lot of people who are interested in Albany State, not only Albany State, but it'll draw some more crowds to our games because of the few we have on our team."

And Jackson is ready to help the Wildcats to turn a few heads this season.

"I think we'll have a good team. I think we'll be a lot better than people think we are. And our doubters: I want you to come to the games this season. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised."

The Wildcats will scrimmage the Macon Knights Saturday in Macon.

The season opener is the following week against Tennessee Valley at the Albany Civic Center.


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