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Seventeen hour Seminole Co. manhunt ends in arrest

March 28, 2006

Donalsonville- A 17 hour search for a man who ran from law enforcers ended with his arrest in Seminole County. State Troopers found 38 year old William Grant fishing on private property.

Grant took off in his car, crashed a short distance away, and fled into a wooded area. The GSP and Seminole County Sheriff used a helicopter and search dogs to find Grant.

"Anybody that runs from law enforcement, you have the right to pursue them, because they're running for some reason and of course this guy, apparently he was running because he had a suspended license," said Sheriff Jerry Godby, Seminole Co. Sheriff.

A preliminary check of Grant's record revealed a long history of crime. He is now charged with attempting to allude, theft of a bicycle, suspended license, and he could face additional charges.