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Spring temperatures may mean spring injuries

March 27, 2006

Albany-- Spring temperatures may have you tending your garden, making a few improvements to your house or just getting out your locked-up tools. But the good weather and those extra outdoor activities could add up to a trip to the emergency room if you aren't careful.

Dot Walden has lived at her Albany home for nearly five decades. "Since '57," says Walden. It's been nearly fifty years of green grass and changing seasons. With each spring season, you're guaranteed to see her gliding along the green in her red mower.

"They all ask me when I'm gonna stop cutting grass and I say when I die and get older," says Walden with a laugh.

Although mowing along in the outdoors offers Walden some therapy, she knows it comes with some dangers. "I'm real careful," says Walden, "I try to do all the things I'm supposed to do." So she picks up big branches along the way, one precaution that keeps this outdoor activity from landing her in the emergency room. Others aren't as lucky.

"We have seen one chainsaw injury already this year," says Palmyra Physician Assistant Lesley Maples.

The Palmyra Emergency Center has been much busier since the weather changed. "A lot of minor injuries, lacerations, a few fractures and sprained ankles and such," says Maples. Maples says more people are out and about and enjoying the weather but they should think before they act and use common sense.

"Always use the normal safety precautions like when you're running a chainsaw, use protective gear on your legs and goggles," says Maples. No one wants a beautiful spring day ruined with a trip to the emergency room. It's certainly not an option for this mower on a mission.

"I just want to stay healthy and happy," says Walden.

The healthy and happy days will last as long as she continues to be careful and as long as the sun brings her out. "Now when it gets real hot, I stay in as much as I can," says Walden.

Until then, she'll avoid the sprains and strains of Spring.

Doctors in Palmyra's emergency room have seen many back injuries as well. They remind you to use your legs to lift. Also avoid that second to top step on your ladder, or you could end up with a serious injury.

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