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Fire likely started by kids

March 27, 2006

Albany -- Two boys, playing with matches, likely started a fire behind a south Albany house today.

The fire burned part of a shed and some grass behind a Randolph Street house. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Fire officials say they see more fire accidents when kids are out of school. They encourage parents to remind their children about fire safety rules.

"It gives them free time on their hands, and some kids will try to find something to do with that free time," said Deputy Chief David Eddins of the Albany Fire Department. "So we see some type of incidents, such as playing with lighters and matches, pick up. They're curious as what will they do. And we see kitchen fire pick up too because they are cooking for themselves."

Fire officials say the best way to prevent fire accidents is not to leave young kids at home unattended.


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