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Second rally held for Coffee County sheriff

March 25, 2006

Douglas-- Coffee County sheriff Rob Smith is currently out on bond.  The bond was set for $10,000.

Smith faces a number of charges including misuse of inmate labor for private gain, malpractice, theft by conversion and violation of oath of office.

If found guilty, Smith could lose his job. Supporters don't want to see that happen, and today they rallied outside the Coffee County Jail in an effort to save his job.

Horns honk in support of the man these people are trying to save: Coffee County sheriff Rob Smith.

"He's the man for this job, and we're going to stand behind him," says Harvey Browning.

"Rob has been good for Coffee County," says Jimmy Paul. The eight-count indictment brought against Smith, has supporters here outraged.

"I don't think it's right, I don't think he's guilty. Rob hadn't done nothing," says Joanne Davila.

"That's bull, that's bull," says Jimmy Paul.  Even James Smith believes his brother has done no wrong.

"Do you believe he's 100% innocent of all the charges? Yes, I do,"  says James Smith.

They say Smith is a good, honest man who only looks after the best interest of the people.

"We Hispanics, he helps us quite a lot," says Alfredo Ferra.

"You go to Rob and ask Rob for a favor, he'll take his shirt off his back and give it to you," says Joanne Davilla.

With signs reading "Not Guilty," supporters says Smith's ousting is politically motivated. 

"These politicians, maybe they got skeletons in their closet, and they're afraid Rob might find out about it," says Harvey Browning.

"It's plenty county commissioners and a couple of judges that aren't being fair," says Darryl Gasking.

As Smith recovers from pneumonia, he remains tight lipped about the controversy surrounding him, his brother says at least for now.

"He'll make a statement after he gets out from the doctor's care," says James Smith.

 In the meantime, his supporters say they'll continue to stand by the sherriff and fight to save his job.

"If he goes to court we're going to be supporting him all the way," says Harvey Browning.

According to the sheriff's brother, Smith has no plans to resign. However, a panel will be appointed by the governor to review the charges brought against Smith, and they will decide whether or not Smith will remain in office while awaiting trial.



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